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Next Time Book IndiGo Flexi Plus. Here Is Why

If you have booked an IndiGo flight ticket at least once then you might know about the basic differences between the airline's Flexi Plus Fare and Saver Fare options; in case you don't know feel free to visit IndiGo's official webpage about the same. The core purpose of this article isn't to repeat Flexi Plus benefits which IndiGo already highlights in their website but to bring into light something big which hides in plain sight. Yes! There is more to the Indigo Flexi Plus Fare than what the airline advertises.

To help you put things into better perspective I am using an example of the flight 6E 2025 from Bangalore to Delhi. Here I will show you the final cost of the same flight under two different fare variants.

Below image shows the price gap between the saver and flexi plus fares of flight 6E 2025

(departing on 04/01/2022) at the time of an initial flight search at IndiGo's official website:

Here the price difference between the saver and flexi plus fares is ₹394. Now let us see how this price gap of the same 'lean, clean flying machine' gets lean as we move to the final payment page.

IndiGo Saver Fare

IndiGo maintains very few number of free seats in a flight, and they get sold out pretty fast. We often have to pay a minimum of ₹350 for a standard seat and it is ₹1000 for XL seats that offers extra legroom. Here let us assume that for the flight 6E 2025 from

Bangalore to Delhi (04/01/2022) we pay ₹350 for the standard seat and with no extra payment for insurance or any food or service add-ons, the final price of the ticket including taxes and convenience fee is ₹6,635.

Under this fare scheme IndiGo levies a cancellation charge of ₹3500 and a date change fee of ₹3000 in the even of ticket cancellation or date change.

Flexi Plus Fare

The Flexi Plus fare offers a free standard seat, 50% discount on XL seats and lets us choose a food add-on and beverage at no extra cost. So, the final flexi plus fare of a window side standard seat including food (with no extra service add-ons or insurance) on flight 6E 2025 from Bangalore to Delhi (04/01/2022) is ₹6,679.

The price gap between the two fare variants goes down from ₹394 to ₹44 as we move to the payment page. And for that ₹44 we get:

  • A free standard seat.

  • Free food and beverage of choice.

  • 50% discount on XL seats.

  • Free and unlimited date change up to 4 days before the flight.

  • Lower cancellation charge (Go to official website for more details).

  • And more 6E reward points than the saver fare.

So next time while you book an IndiGo flight, don't let the imaginary ₹394 price gap stop you from getting a flexi plus ticket.

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