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You Will Soon Be Able To Take A Chopper From Mumbai To Pune

Seems like the Mumbaikars are gonna get a way around the messy city traffic. Fly Blade, Inc - the largest helicopter charter service in the United States is gonna team up with Hunch Ventures to start chopper services in India from March 2019. There are already a lot of chopper services in Mumbai, but what makes this venture different is the affordable pricing which the company has promised. Initially, the choppers will take off from Juhu and Mahalaxmi. After Pune, the company plans to extend the services till Shirdi. As per the sources, there will be intra-city services too. This service which was a huge success in the United States will definitely face some challenges in India due to the infrastructural limitations. But if it manages to overcome all the constraints, then it might become a game changer in emergency services too. What do you think about this initiative? Let us know in the comment section below.


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