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Carrying Alcohol From Goa To Other States. Things To Keep In Mind

Goa apart from being famous for it's awesome beaches is also well known for the availability of cheap liquor. So anyone who drinks will definitely think about stashing in a few bottles on their way back home. For those who don't know, crossing the Goa state boarder carrying more than two bottles of alcohol is strictly illegal. Need not relax thinking that you could at least bring two bottles, that too need a permit which is issued by any authorized dealer or the Office of Commissioner of Excise, on payment of ₹20. But permits are issued just to the states of Delhi, Kerala, Rajasthan, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Jammu and Kashmir, and Daman and Diu. Tourist from other states including Karnataka and Maharashtra often grab the permit posing as residents of Daman and Diu. So carrying booze even with a permit can bring trouble if you have to pass the territories of Maharashtra or Karnataka on your way back home, as your vehicle is likely to be checked at the check posts of the above states and the permit you carry is just a piece of paper there .

Permit issued by the Department of Excise, Goa

Now let us talk about being a risk taker. The amount of risk depends on the mode of transportation you choose to get out of Goa. Let us discuss each of them separately so that you don't get bored reading details which are unnecessary for you.

Carrying Alcohol From Goa In a Car Or Bike

Considered most riskiest. The officials at the Goa check post will never leave your vehicle unchecked even if you are traveling with ladies and kids. Regardless of a valid permit, the chances that they will ask for a bribe isn't less. If denied they'll harass you and will make things worse, so it is always better to give the 100 or 200 they are asking for. You might be asked to show your vehicle related documents, make sure that you carry the following papers:

  • RC Book

  • Tax Token

  • Insurance Paper

  • Pollution Certificate

  • Driving License

If you are passing through the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra on your route, then there would be routine checking on the road and at check posts, the officials will even open your baggage if they feel it necessary. So, I personally won't suggest carrying more than the permitted amount of booze in a car or bike from Goa unless you are willing to take the risk of being jailed or paying a hefty bribe.

Carrying Alcohol From Goa In Flight

Your legal quota of two bottles will smoothly pass into the flight, if packed inside your check-in baggage. Make sure that it is wrapped properly so that your clothes doesn't smell alcoholic. It's better that you don't pack in any extra bottle as the chances of getting detected is very high.

Carrying Alcohol From Goa In Bus

Carrying booze in a bus across Goa check post is less risky unless the police choose to sneak their hands inside your bag. They usually don't take the effort to check all the bags in the bus.

Carrying Alcohol From Goa In Train

The chances of being checked are very less. But random checking can be expected. Even if you manage to get in the train with the bottles, don't even think about opening it and taking a few shots as drinking in trains is considered a serious offense in our country.

Let's not be risk takers as I myself have been a victim of police harassment at the Goa boarder. Trust me, it doesn't feel good. Carry the permitted quota and drink as much you want during your stay at Goa.

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