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Why Sri Lanka Is The No. 1 Country To Visit In 2019

End of the 25-year-old civil war in Sri Lanka opened up a lot of beautiful territories which weren’t accessible to the travelers beforehand. Ever since then, the country has been investing a lot in the tourism sector. This small island nation offers a diversity of experience and so got the attention from travelers all around the globe. Lonely Planet has named Sri Lanka the No. 1 country to travel in 2019. Let us see what is special enough with this country to take it to the top spot among 195 countries. Cultural Diversity

Image Credits : Instagram - @yasiru_dhana

The Country is bursting with culture and religion and is filled with world heritage sites. Even though the majority of the population is Buddhist, you’ll also find Hindus, Christians and Muslims across the entire region. This means a wide variety of holy sites and cultures, making Sri Lanka a perfect place for cultural enthusiasts.


Image Credits : Instagram - @srilanka

Sri Lanka’s beaches are breath-taking and have everything for every kind of beach lover. There is a growing surf scene and the country has got a lot of shores which are appealing to the beginner surfers. So if you are planning to get on a surfboard for the first time, you know where to go. Tea Plantations

Image Credits : Instagram - @pacomatic

Sri Lanka has been one of the leading tea growing countries ever since the colonial era. If you love setting out on a scenic tea trail, then just head to one of the tea growing districts where almost every available slope would be covered with tea plantations. You could also opt for a tea estate tour where you can learn about the tea-making process. Getting around the country isn’t very expensive or difficult as almost all the places are well connected by railways.


Image Credits : Instagram - @lankainbound

The Country has numerous national parks & forest reserves and can be considered one of the best all-round wildlife destinations in Asia. Sri Lanka is home to a wide variety of animals and birds. So head out on a safari and you won’t be disappointed. Food

Image Credits : Instagram - @ceylon_joy

Once you are in Sri Lanka make sure that you find some time to explore the country’s food scene too. There is a lot to try when it comes to the food as there is a huge diversity in the food habits of Sri Lankan’s. Along with the mouth-watering seafood, you could also taste the local meat and vegetable delicacies. So, thinking of a Sri Lankan trip? Let us know in the comment section below.


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