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The Aryans Of Ladakh And Pregnancy Tourism

Image Credits : Instagram - @julieannedaviesphoto

Just think about European women traveling to a remote hamlet in India to get impregnated by the men there. Not a movie plot, rumors say that it has happened before and may still be happening in the Brokpa community of the Dha & Hanu villages of Ladakh. And that is what the modern world calls ‘Pregnancy tourism’. So what is so special about getting knocked up by the men in these villages. The reason tracks back to the 7th century when Alexander the Great attacked India. It is believed that when Alexander left, a lot of his soldiers stayed back in the Indus Valley. The Brokpas claim to be the descendants of Alexander’s lost army and are considered to be the only remaining pure-blood Aryans or the master race. And it is rumored that women from Europe come here in search of Brokpa men to go back home with the so-called ‘pure seed’. Unlike the rest of Ladakh, the Brokpas exhibit Indo-Aryan features. They have light-colored eyes, high cheekbones, long hair, pale skin, and are significantly taller than the Tibetan standards.

The community lives in isolation and has set strong rules which forbid them from intermixing with outsiders by means of marriage.

Image Credits : Instagram - @thearyanvalley

The claims of Brokpas about their genetic history is a folklore which isn’t supported by any scientific proof or credible history. But still, they continue to protect it and are super proud of what they are.


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