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10 Exotic Food You Must Stay Away From

If this article caught your attention, then you definitely love trying new cuisines and food. Whenever we travel to new places, we often try to taste the famous cuisines of that region. But there are some exotic edibles you might wanna stay away from. So here is the list:


In Peru it is called the 'Molina animal' as well as the 'Puree'. In the science world it is known as 'Pyura Chilensis'. It looks like a rock, but when you crack it open there are fibers and meat inside. There are drawbacks to consuming piure. For one the insides of this rock are rich in vanadium. If you consume vanadium you are risking some hefty damage to the liver.


If you are familiar with Thai cuisines, then you might have heard of a Thai dish called 'LAAB'. If you eat this dish in its true form in Thailand, you might be taking some serious risk on your life. This minced meat dish is usually served raw with splashes of bile and that red life source, not to mention it also includes the undigested contents of a cow's stomach. With consuming this much raw meat there is a risk of contracting parasites as well as streptococcus suis, which might even end your days.


Spanish fly is well known for its ability to increase the sex drive. However what was thought to rev up the engine is actually pretty risky. The Spanish fly is actually a beetle and its bright colors are a sign that it is toxic. The main component is ' Cantharidin' which is not safe for human consumption. It is the same ingredient used to treat warts and some other skin growths. So if your date suggests Spanish fly, please deny that request ASAP.


This fruit which looks appetizing is abundantly found in India and other surrounding countries. The Jatropha fruit has been responsible for the hospitalization of hundreds of adults and children. Acute Jatropha poisoning can cause complications like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and cardio vascular collapse. If you try to ride out your symptoms you might end up causing your central nervous system to fail completely.


Hakarl is an Icelandic dish that is mainly made from Greenland shark. However you should know that the shark has no urinary tract, also the shark skin is a high concentration of Trimethylamine oxide. So if you eat the shark raw this oxide is converted just into Trimethylamine, which is a posion which can send you six feet under. People who tried hakarl have said that it smells like ammonia and can make you gag.


Rhubarb is enjoyed all over the world. But did you know that the leaves of this vegetable are hazardous to your health. The leaves have oxalates in it, which can cause respiratory issues and seizures. So next time you enjoy a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie, be grateful that there are no leaves in it.


When it comes to dangerous fish the 'Fugu Bufferfish' usually take up the spotlight. However there is a certain kind of swordfish that is just as poisonous as the Fugu. It is the 'Silver Stripe Blaasop' and it is an Indian delicacy. It contains 'tetrodotoxin' which is bad for humans. The fish isn't safe for consumption unless its skin, reproductive organs and the liver are safely removed.


Toast is probable the most exotic and versatile food around. However before you pack on the creamed peas or butter take note: when a piece of bread is toasted it creates a substance called 'Acrylamide', which can cause neurological issues and fertility problems; if you eat a lot of it.


Now we are talking about something which is legal in Europe and illegal in the United States and for some good reasons. The cheese is made from 'sardinian sheep's' milk. The smellier it is the more valuable it becomes. It is often eaten with a strong red wine. But eating live maggots can take a toll on your digestive tract as those little guys attach to your intestinal walls.


Rambutan is known to be a very delicious fruit and the flesh is totally okay to eat, however most of us have got into a habit of consuming the seeds with the fruit that we eat and that might be a big mistake. The seed of this fruit contains substances like 'Nephelium' , 'Saponin' and 'Tannin', which aren't good for your body. So, that is the end of our list. Let us know what you think of this article in the comment section below.


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