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Mumbiker Nikhil; An Inspiration For Bikers And Budding Vloggers

Mumbiker Nikhil

It was actually a few months before, that a thumbnail caught up my attention while scrolling through my YouTube homepage. The picture was that of a person standing next to a wonderful bike and the video heading said 'Close Call To Guwahati'. Thought of killing some time on that video as I have always loved watching travel videos and vlogs. While clicking the thumbnail I read the channel name and it said 'Mumbiker Nikhil'. The name says it all; A biker named Nikhil from Mumbai. The vlog was super interesting from start to end and it was one of the best Indian moto-vlogs I have ever come across. After finishing that video, I explored for more in that channel and I had become a fan of Nikhil by the end of that day.

Though I liked travel vlogs, moto-vlogs weren't an area of interest for me. But still I loved watching that 16:48 minutes video of Nikhil Sharma because it was completely different from what I have seen so far. Whatever he feels, Nikhil expresses it to his audience through the microphone connected to his helmet cam, which makes viewers feel that they are also riding with him. He keeps his people updated about his trip through Instagram and Facebook . His subscribers crowd up to see him at the side of highways and at hotels where he stay, and what we can learn from all his videos is that he try his level best not to disappoint his fans and spare some time with them even if he is running late.

Mumbiker Nikhil

In the heading of this article I wrote 'Mumbiker Nikhil; An Inspiration For Bikers And Budding Vloggers'; there is a reason why it's 'budding vloggers' and not 'budding moto-vloggers'. It's simply because Nikhil Sharma is not just a moto-vlogger but also a very good lifestyle vlogger. It was quite recently that he started a YouTube channel called MN Lifestyle to share his knowledge about a fit and well groomed lifestyle (took that last part of the sentence from his channel description itself ;) ). He also doesn't mind sharing his day to day activities and foreign trips via his channels.

Every bike ride which Nikhil does is like a reference book for someone who is planning that route, as he shares his experiences and opinions on the go. Nikhil also finds time to review and explain every equipment he uses for the job.

This biker from Mumbai has 570,824 subscribers till date and is considered one of the best moto-vloggers in India.

Vlogging is still not something very popular in India and it is folks like Nikhil Sharma who has inspired a lot of Indian youth to skip away from the monotony of life to do something different.

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